Disillusioned and discouraged with your spiritual practice?

If you have arrived at a discouraging point in your spiritual practice, the following article and link is a beautifully written caveat on spiritual openings.

excerpt from “Divine Dynamite” by Robert Augustus Masters

“So being in the crucible of awakening’s alchemy is not necessarily comfortable or consoling — the fire gives light, yes, but it also burns, generating enough heat to vaporize our illusions, lies, and trappings, if we will let ourselves get close enough to it.

Such fire destroys, but only in order to create. And heal. In its flames, our authenticity emerges, minus the case of mistaken identity with which we have burdened and obscured it.

Until the fire is but light, we will have to endure burning. Spiritual stamina. Whatever lies unresolved or unforgiven in us, whatever in us lies ostracized or condemned in some corner of our psyche, whatever in us has been kept in the dark — all will start to surface as we open spiritually. Initially this may seem like bad news, but it is actually great news.”

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One comment on “Disillusioned and discouraged with your spiritual practice?

  1. janetmyatt says:

    Love this! Thanks.

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