EMDR & Somatic Therapy

EMDR (Eye movement and desensitization reprocessing) -is an effective, evidenced-based approach to working with highly charged or distressing emotions and experiences.  EMDR works on reprocessing memories that results in reduced or eliminated distressing emotions that accompany a particular traumatic experience.  EMDR can also be used to address panic attacks, phobias and experiences of abuse.

Somatic Therapy – Inner Space Techniques –  I use IST as a Somatic (Soma = Body) approach to supporting clients with developing the ability to increase self-awareness and emotional wellness by including the feelings and experiences they have in their body as a part of self-healing.  As a result of using Inner Space Techniques, people move well beyond “talk therapy” approaches to process and release feelings, thoughts and experiences that block wellness and an integrated sense of the core “Self.”

For Somatic Therapy/IST, inquire further about payment plans.   Skype/videoconferencing sessions available.

Contact me at (510) 992-3630 or by e-mail at lisamirandainfo@gmail.com for a free consultation or to learn more about how you can use EMDR or Somatic Therapy sessions to support emotional wellness, groundedness and possibilities for creativity or new directions in your life.

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