Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy is a combination of approaches used to help people decrease, resolve or transform issues and concerns.   Participating in therapy may also help you more deeply understand yourself and others, which can lead to more effective communication and satisfying relationships.  In therapy, you may also change limiting beliefs and patterns or reduce negative feelings.  In addition to talk therapy and Mindfulness practices, Lisa can also incorporate Guided Imagery & Meditation in sessions to help you gain clarity, deepen awareness and help you move towards greater levels of self-compassion and understanding.

Specialty Areas:

Panic Attacks/Anxiety


Other issues addressed include:

-emotional issues due to health/medical conditions

-transitional issues or life changes

-cross-cultural issues

Reported Benefits Include:

-Being able to resolve, shift or eliminate life-long issues and concerns

-A sense of understanding and awareness of your mind, emotions and body while building more harmony within the self

-Decreased or eliminated negative thoughts, behaviors or patterns

-Practical tools that build a sense of being more grounded and centered

-Focus towards directions and interests that empower you

-Strategies for dealing with stressful situations related to career, relationships and family

-Eliminated self-defeating beliefs and behaviors

-Deepened connection within

-Knowing how to grow and maintain a supportive network

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